Welcome to Paul Dobermann Kennel

     Paul Doberman is a small family business driven by love and
admiration. We specialize in European Show Doberman pinschers. Our
goal is to one day incorporate both show and work capable Doberman
in a healthy body. Alongside this we want to provide not only the
perfect dog but the perfect pet. We have a very good understanding
of not only the Doberman but the dog. We work with a number of
Doberman Kennels overseas as well as veterinarians that understand
the breed well. We work a tireless amount of hours to ensure our
customers have the knowledgde they require, And that our dogs have
the LOVE they deserve.    




Oana di Altobello

vWD: 1 copy
Dcm1: 1 copy
Dcm2: 1 copy
Dm soda1: clear 0 copies
Hips: pending
Eyes: pending

Oriana di Altobello

vWD: clear by parents






Mr Zed di Assolutonero

vWD: clear 0 copies
Dcm1: clear 0 copies
Dcm2: clear 0 copies
Dm soda 1: clear 0 copies
Hips: pending
Eyes: pending

About Us

     Paul Doberman was founded roughly five years ago. It had all started when I had purchased a Rottweiler pup from a neighbor of mine. Bruce was an amazing Rottie with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. One day when I had returned from work, I called for Bruce the way I always had and received no response. Knowing that my loyal companion had always sprinted toward me when I called his name had left me breathless with despair; I knew something was wrong.

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Contact Information

Paul Doberman Kennel


  Phone number: 240-527-5151

Skype: more_gold1

WhatsApp: Paul Filip (240-527-5151)

: Obicelmare@gmail.com